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Microsoft Office Word is probably the world's best loved word processor. In almost every business, it is used to create, format and print documents such as letters, reports, business plans and funding bids. The collaboration tools speed up complex document creation and better file recovery tools help reclaim data after system or application crashes. This is an essential in any office.

Our Word: Introduction course is designed to introduce users to Word. Participants will learn how to create, modify and print typical documents used in offices around the country. This entirely 'hands on' course includes specially prepared exercises that give participants practical experience of using Word's tools. The Word: Intermediate course will teach students how to create sophisticated documents, incorporating graphics, tables, borders, lists and sections. Students will also learn how to speed up document creation and ensure accuracy using the proofing and productivity tools that are available. The course also demonstrates the use of Internet features that allow documents to be published as HTML or sent by e-mail.

Our Word: Advanced course is designed to allow users to work with Words advanced features. Practical 'hands on' exercises will give participants the chance to create their own templates and styles, work with long, complex documents and use Word's desktop publishing and mail merge tools.

The long documents element of the Word: Advanced course is particularly useful for legal practices who use downloadable, pre-formatted templates from the LexisNexis and Practical Law and can be delivered separately.